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Service scope

● Out of the inspection
According to the requirements of the site progress, all the soot blower, pipe, control cabinet and other equipment are to be present, service personnel will arrive counting equipment, the construction unit, construction unit, supervision unit and the supplier will jointly participate in witness of the process, and record the record. If there are missing or damaged parts, we will contact for.

The installation guide

According to the schedule, if the construction unit of soot blower installation technical requirements don't understand, we will send the service personnel to the site for installation instructions.

Cold commissioning
Soot blower is installed in place, after the completion of cable connection to complete, and by the electrical cabinet is completed, will be for the cold commissioning of soot blower, in the case of without medium, soot blower test run.

Hot commissioning
After the ignition of the boiler was put into operation, when the test load of 70% rated load, after the completion of the adjustment of the soot blower hot, in the case of with medium, check the operation condition of soot blower.

Elimination of faults
168 after put into operation in power plant, one year warranty period, if the sootblower appeared when normal operation of equipment failure, we'll send service personnel to the scene to defects, and guide general processing methods of faults.

If the plants are in need of major repair, we can send people to the power plant overhaul.

Spare parts service

      My company can provide all customers with conform to the requirements of the original design of spare parts.
    Establish archives for all customers, its design data, product supply list, user demand information and feedback, service report are classified by inputting to ensure the accuracy of the supplied spare parts.
    Conventional spare parts of reserves, the provision of a special materials or semi-finished products, in the shortest cycle of supply, ensure the timeliness for spare parts. To provide customers with technical support and technical solutions; Scheduled maintenance to provide maintenance service for the customer, and help customers optimize spare parts plan and use; Provide customers import sootblower with localization of spare parts and services; On-site maintenance for many years experience and professional team, can provide customers with satisfactory in plant maintenance; A variety of spare parts supply cooperation pattern provides the high-quality service for the customer, such as: long protocol, the federal reserve, etc.

Training services

Should the customer request, to soot blower working principle, structure, operation and maintenance training is introduced.
l  Training object: power plant operation, maintenance staff, etc.;
l  Training content:
      1.Blowing series is introduced;
      2.Soot blower device ontology is introduced (sootblower characteristics, working principle, the setting of the soot blower), the main performance parameters
      3.Sootblower the introduction of the main components (valves, walking gear box, open the valve body, furnace wall interface box, inside and outside the tube components)
      4.Blowing pipe system is introduced (line) main composition, main performance parameters
      5.Blowing control system is introduced
      6.Was training content writing sootblower catechism, participate in the training of plant personnel

Training results: users use of the principle of soot blower and had certain understanding.

Quality assurance

     Zhejiang lai dream DE electrical equipment co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of boiler steam soot blower, has passed the certification of fangyuan group GB/T9001:2008 / ISO9001:2008 standard quality assurance system certification, quality system certification covers the whole process of production and operation of the enterprise.
    We has a complete set of quality assurance system in product quality. "A first-class enterprises, a first-class products, first-class service, the tree first-class brand" is our consistent purpose, our commitment is: quality commitment to quality assurance, persistently provide practical and reliable products to our customers. For my company's product quality, we also make the following specific guarantee:

1. Our company product quality, the standard provided by the completely conform to the requirements of the scene. Product technical data are up to standard.
2. In the process of production strictly enforce process discipline, to prepare for the quality control of the intermediate links and process information feedback in time.
3.We will in accordance with the requirements of specification test items and test for the performance test and field test project, ensure all the technical parameters of standard.

After-sales service
Our company strictly abide by all rules relating to the product and engineering warranty service, and make the following commitment to customers :

一、Enterprise quality system in strict accordance with GB/T9001:2008 / ISO9001:2008 standards, has passed the certification of fangyuan group system certification.
Quality policy:Nonconforming product is not released ;

Quality objectives:Customer service satisfaction rate of 100% 。

二、Products manufacturing standards and quality assurance
This enterprise product strictly according to national standard, customers have special requirements according to customer requirements 。
1、 Thoughtful pre-sale :
Warm reception to customer calls, letter, visit, thoughtful service, the customer put forward the technical problems of serious answer, to help solve; When customers have a requirement, can send professional technicians to the construction site coordination and survey equipment environment selection, installation and spare parts.

2、The consummate sale:
During production, my company can invite relevant technical personnel to take charge of product inspection, at the same time, we can also provide information about the product detail in Chinese. Including all kinds of data and the structure and working principle of the products. For the main inspection should be completed within the company. Previously, we can provide the relevant inspection standards for customer's approval.

3、Perfect after-sales service:
To cooperate with the owner further product after-sale maintenance, maintenance and other service work, our company promise the buyer carefully here:
(1)Provide product performance of the corresponding international standard stipulation about classy article standards and the requirements of technical specification.
(2)Product warranty period from the overall project, through the national related department within one year after the date of acceptance. The company is equipped with the professional services firm, is responsible for handling all the repair service, the service provided at any time in 24 hours a day. After receiving the repair, agency service personnel rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and immediately repair, until completely back to normal work.
(3)The company's products provide for a period of 12 months free warranty and maintenance time calculated from the date of acceptance from customers. According to the requirements, can send professional personnel to provide free technical guidance and assistance, can do it for all the equipment inspection, debugging of the system.
(4)In the process of the product after the arrival of the goods, customer acceptance, such as appear in conformity with requirements of the contract, the company will be informed the customer to respond within 12 hours after treatment, and bear all related costs.
(5)Under the condition of correct installation and use, equipment operation, the company guarantee one year equipment of all kinds of quality problems, such as it is our company product quality, our company will be responsible for what and for replacement and repair free of charge, and pay all the resulting losses.

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